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Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm

My career in podcasting began in broadcasting, as a volunteer call screener turned traffic reporter on a small community radio station. I eventually became the production manager, a podcast producer, and a co-host. Since then, I’ve been doing independent work as a podcast editor and producer for various types of clients.

I went to college right out of high school but did not move beyond an Associate’s Degree because the major I was searching for didn’t yet exist. I opted to get married, have kids, and homeschool instead of getting a degree in nothing. In 2017, I earned my B.A. in Communications: New Media from Southern New Hampshire University.

At school, I became fascinated by two major influences in the social media universe: Twitter and podcasting. I was introduced to Twitter chats and was quickly sold on the speed and ease of communication and relationship building that happened there. I see Twitter as the place where "real engagement happens" and I feel the value of Twitter in building business relationships is only beginning to be mined.

In my Social Media Marketing class, I once spontaneously took over to teach the unit on Twitter when our teacher admitted to not knowing much about it. My enthusiasm was contagious and fellow students were hash-tagging and posting their homework assignments before the class was over.

I lead the New Podcaster Primer at Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia and 2019 in Orlando. At Podfest 2019, I presented a Pecha Kucha talk about maximizing your Twitter profile.  I was blessed to be a part of an amazing panel at She Podcasts Live! 2019 in Atlanta.

I believe that podcasters deserve to present themselves as authorities in their spheres with a professional sounding show. Listeners deserve to hear the message without being distracted by the audio quality.

Discussion Topics

  • Podcasting
  • Twitter
  • Audio Production

Sample Questions

  • 1 How did you get started in podcasting?
  • 2 Why should someone start a podcast?
  • 3 What is involved in podcasting?
  • 4 How much work are podcasts?
  • 5 What is your role as a podcast editor/producer?
  • 6 Roughly how much does it cost to produce a regular podcast?
  • 7 What are your favorite podcasts?
  • 8 What can Twitter do to help me build influence?
  • 9 What can I do to maximize my Twitter profile?

In the middle of our high school marching band's performance, an obnoxious metronome signal was interfering with our sound system. As a professional audio editor, one of the first things I said was, "I can fix that in post!" Check out my before and after above.

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