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Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm

My career in podcasting began in broadcasting, as a volunteer call screener turned traffic reporter on a small community radio station. I eventually became the production manager, a podcast producer, and a co-host. The small station was purchased by a larger group and I became a freelance podcast editor. I currently host, edit, and produce a podcast, The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, which encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts.



Everyone has a message to share. That message should come across with clarity from the podcaster's lips to the listener's ears. Let me help your message be awesome!


Podcasts can be a powerful marketing tool. You can increase your influence and authority in your space by hosting a podcast.  Let’s talk about the best strategies for your personal or business podcast.


I host the monthly Lexington Podcasters meetups and am available to speak at other workshops and events.

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