I did want to be sure that you know how much I enjoy working with you.  I was congratulating myself on choosing you vs. the other referrals.

We believe in God because Jennifer can work miralces! ~Tara

Jennifer is a fantastic guide to the world of podcasting! ~Kelly

Thank you so much. I just listened to the podcast and really enjoyed it. You're wonderful at your work. ~Rick

Just went to her podcasting class, it went amazing!! Highly recommend Jennifer! ~Jordan


Podcasts can be a powerful marketing tool. You can increase your influence and authority in your space by hosting a podcast.  Let’s talk about the best strategies for your personal or business podcast.

Everyone has a message to share. That message should come across with clarity from the podcaster's lips to the listener's ears. Let me help your message be awesome!


I host the Lexington Podcasters meetups and am available to speak at other workshops and events.

Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm Let's chat!

My career in podcasting began in broadcasting, as a volunteer call screener turned traffic reporter on a small community radio station. I eventually became the production manager, a podcast producer, and a co-host. Since then, I’ve been doing independent work as a podcast editor and producer for various types of clients.

I went to college right out of high school but did not move beyond an Associate’s Degree because the major I was searching for didn’t yet exist. I opted to get married, have kids, and homeschool instead of getting a degree in nothing. In 2017, I earned my B.A. in Communications: New Media from Southern New Hampshire University.

At school, I became fascinated by two major influences in the social media universe: Twitter and podcasting. I was introduced to Twitter chats and was quickly sold on the speed and ease of communication and relationship building that happened there. I see Twitter as the place where "real engagement happens" and I feel the value of Twitter in building business relationships is only beginning to be mined.

In my Social Media Marketing class, I once spontaneously took over to teach the unit on Twitter when our teacher admitted to not knowing much about it. My enthusiasm was contagious and fellow students were hash-tagging and posting their homework assignments before the class was over.

I lead the New Podcaster Primer at Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia and 2019 in Orlando. At Podfest 2019, I presented a Pecha Kucha talk about maximizing your Twitter profile.  I was blessed to be a part of an amazing panel at She Podcasts Live! 2019 in Atlanta and am looking foward to the return of SPL in 2021!

I believe that podcasters deserve to present themselves as authorities in their spheres with a professional sounding show. Listeners deserve to hear the message without being distracted by the audio quality.

In the middle of our high school marching band's performance, an obnoxious metronome signal was interfering with our sound system. As a professional audio editor, one of the first things I said was, "I can fix that in post!" Check out my before and after above.

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